Michael Carnegie



CV and work history

I completed matric in 1981 at Durban High School. In 1982 I completed first year B- Fine Art at Rhodes University.

In 1983 I went to sea with Unicorn lines as a Navigating cadet and following this worked for Safmarine as an Engineering cadet. After this during 1987-88 I completed national service with the South African Navy in the Marines and as a navy diver.

1989 - 90 I worked in Namibia as a wilderness guide on the Orange river in the Richtersveld.

In 1991 I began working on Durban beachfront as a lifeguard where I worked for 10 years. During this time I also worked as a lifeguard in Jeffreys Bay and Sun City. I continued with training in Diving and seamanship (yachting) and developing my art and conservation work.

Durban Beachfront - 1 Jan
RNLI Rescues

In Durban I worked with the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) and as a diver at Seaworld. I was involved with setting up sea-kayak tours in the area and worked with various groups to do conservation work.

In 1999 I began working as a sprayer in the surf board factories and began working as an artist in the surf industry. My art was used by Instinct, Quiksilver and Zigzag.

In 2008 I moved to Cape where I worked as a commercial artist and environmental educator. I was involved with setting up KELP (Kelp Environmental Learning Project) and the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Centre education and awareness programme.

From 2012 to 2019 I worked during the UK summers as a lifeguard for the RNLI in Cornwall, UK while developing my art and conservation work further through international contacts.

Simce 2019 I have been based in the UK developing my art and conservationwork.



Michael Alexander Omer Carnegie

Birth date
13 August 1963
Birth place
Mutare. Zimbabwe
British and South African
British and South African



Seagull Tourist Park
St Merryn
PL28 8PT
United Kingdom
078 70152034

Immigrated to South Africa from Zimbabwe
1970 -76
Attended Atholton Primary School, Umhlanga Rocks
Attended Hilton College
Attended Durban High School
Matric (Higher Grade) - 1981



Studied B Fine Art at Rhodes University (passed first year, left university May 1983)
First Year - B Fine Art
Worked as a navigating cadet for Unicorn Shipping lines
Fire Fighting Certificate - Technikon Natal - 27 July 1984


Travelled independently overseas (Worked in israel on a Moshav and in Greece doing various agriculture work)


Completed 3 month basic apprentice course in motor mechanics (South African Sugar assosciation Industrial Training Centre)
Diesel Mechanic - Basic Apprentice Level
Worked as an engineering cadet for Safmarine Shipping Lines
Completed workshop training with Safmarine at SATS Workshop (Durban)
Completed National Service with the SA Navy
Navy Diver Course (Part 1) - 26 October 1987
NAUI Openwater 2 - 26 January 1988
Worrked as a guide for river Rafters in Namibia on the Orange River
Worked full-time and part-time for Durban Corporation as a lifeguard on Durban Beachfront while continuing training in first aid, commercial & sport diving, sailing, art and computer graphics
Surf Proficiency Award - 30 July 1990
NAUI Diving Rescue Speciality Course - 27 February 1991
Commercial Diver (Part 3) - 28 May 1991
Master Decompression Chamber Operation - 28 May 1991
First Aid - Level 1 (St Johns) 17 November 1993
Primary Emergency Care (Red Cross) - 10 June 1995
Inshore Resue Boat Crewman - 7 August 1996
Occupational Diving First Aid - Diving Supervisors (Institute for Marine Madicine) 25 April 1997
Ship's Captain's Medical Certificate - 20 June 1997
Basic Ambulance Assistant (Red Cross) - 10 March 1998
NAUI Master Scuba Diver - March 1998
Commercial Diving (Class 2) - 1998
Yacht Hand Course (Ocean Sailing Academy) - 1 May 1998
Yacht Skipper Course (Ocean Sailing Academy) - 17 May 1998
Worked during this period as a lifeguard for PALS (Professional Aquatic Lifesaving Services) and Lifeguards Africa at Jeffreys Bay and Sun City.

Worked as a volunteer diver at Seaworld

Trained and worked with NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute)
Fire Fighting (Engen Refinery) - August 1999
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate (Marine) 4 Aug 1999

Worked for Tripper in boat and craft repair workshop and in setting up Sea Kayak Tours.

Worked as an artist in the surf industry for Instinct and Quiksilver.



Worked in surfboard factories, watercraft factories and from an independent workshop doing repairs and artwork for most water craft. Worked in website design and computer graphics while developing fine art.

2008 - 11


Moved to Cape Town. Worked as commercial artist and with setting up KELP (Kelp Environmental Learning Project) Worked with the Save Our Seas Foundation to set up the Shark Centre and develop the Shark Centre education and awareness programme.

2012 - 19


Worked since 2012 as a lifeguard for the RNLI (Cornwall UK) while developing art and conservation work through international contacts.

UK Maritime Radio Operator (Short Range) - 7 June 2012

RNLI Lifeguard qualifications: (Retest every year since 2012)
Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) Crewman - 26 April 2012
All Terrain Vehicle Driver - 10 April 2012
Four Wheel Drive Vehicle Driver - 10 April 2012
Casualty Care For Lifeguards - 05 April 2012
Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB)Driver - April 2016

2020 - 24


Have been based in the UK developing art and conservation work

Sports & Hobbies

Music (Guitar) Surfing, Lifesaving events and other water sports.