Michael Carnegie

Painting prints

If you would like to order prints of paintings or if you are interested in using my artwork to make any form of prints please contact me.

I have high resolution copies of the paintings on the Paintings 2001-06 and Paintings 2007-13 pages. Using these copies I can have good quality prints made of the paintings.

I have had giclee prints made of paintings for customers. These are very good quality ink-jet prints which can be made on canvas or acid free paper. Giclee prints can be made individually for customers wanting a single copy or a small number of copies.

I have had a run of litho prints made of the painting, Yacha at New Pier. The painting can be seen on the paintings 2001-2006 page.

I have used paintings to make t-shirt prints.

I plan to develop systems for making and selling painting prints and shirt prints as I progress.