Michael Carnegie



Painting prints

Prints of the painting, Porthcothan 17:50 (below)are for sale and the painting is up for raffle. All money raised is for marine wilderness conservation in South Africa.

Prints can be seen and are available for sale at the Tredrea. You can also contact me if you would like a print or any more info - maocarnegie@gmail.com

Porthcothan 17:50, Cornwall, UK 6/4/2014
Oil paints on canvas 122cm x 91.5cm

Detail 1 and 2 below


Painting raffle

Raffle tickets are £5 and are available at the Tredrea.

Painting prints

Giclee prints -

Half the dimensions of the original painting (70cm x 56cm including a 5cm border) - £50 - These are very good quality fine art prints on paper.
Laser prints -

42cm x 32cm (Including a 1cm border) - £10 - These are not as good quality as the giclee prints.

Marine wilderness charity and conservation work

At the moment I am applying to register a charity in the UK to support marine wilderness work in South Africa - Marine Wilderness Chrty

My paintings have been used to raise awareness and money for conservation over the years independently and through well established groups - Paintings for wildlife page

There is more info about my conservation work on my website and if you would like to know more you are welcome to contact me.