Treyarnon 16 April 2019

There were no lifeguards on duty at Treyarnon leading up to Easter 2019. Constantine lifeguards were called to a situation where 4 people were caught in the rip at Treyarnon. Lifeguards were first of the rescue services on scene in the IRB and stabilized the situation. Two young bodyboarders had been washed out in the rip on the left. Two adults had gone in to help. One bodyboarder and one rescuer had made it up the cliffs. The other two were stuck on a ledge just above water level, close to the gully, under an overhang. The public had lowered lifebuoys to the casualties. The situation was serious as the tide was coming in fast and the surf was big. At any stage lifeguard and casualties could have been washed off the ledge. The safest way to get the casualties to safety at that stage would have been to use the cliff rescue team equipment but this was going to take 15 mins to prepare and there may not have been enough time. At that stage the Rescue 924 Helicopter arrived so the decision was made to lift the casualties using the helicopter. Both casualties and lifeguard were lifted onto the cliff. This was a serious rescue involving the lifeguard IRB, 2 cliff rescue teams (Padstow and Polzeath) Padstow Lifeboat and Rescue 924 Helicopter. The adults who had gone in to help the young bodyboarders were both given top awards for bravery.


RNLI Rescues 2017 Video - Various RNLI rescues around the UK during 2017

Mother Iveys 2016

Harlyn lifeguards were called to a cardiac arrest at Mother Ivy's. Off duty paramedics were doing CPR on a casualty with no breathing or pulse. Lifeguards applied the AED from their first aid bag and after 2 shocks the patient was revived. Lifeguards received an award from the RNLI.

Harlyn - Boat Bay 2014

Harlyn Lifeguards were called to Boat Bay where a young boy had fallen down the cliffs and was lying on the rocks below bleeding from the mouth. The casualty was treated for multile injuries and airlifted to hospital using the Sea King helicopter.