Michael Carnegie



I am in the process of applying to register a charity in the UK. This will allow us to raise funds and take the plans we have been discussing to help with South African conservation issues forward within an officially recognised organisation.

Porthcothan 17:50
In Sept 2017 at the Tredrea, Porthcothan we began raffling a painting, Porthcothan 17:50. Prints of this painting are for sale - Painting prints

I am planning more paintings for fundraising.

In the past my paintings have been used to raise money and awareness for conservation - Paintings for wildlife page

At meetings with people from Plymouth University and Rhodes University (SA) I have discussed plans for working with international students to help with conservation work in SA.

I have discussed working with international students and organisations linked to Plymouth University to raise awareness and funds with a long term ambition of buying land in SA and managing this land for conservation.

With the sale of prints and the painting raffle we have begun fundraising. I plan to hold all money raised by donations and the sale of paintings and prints in a bank account with the objective of using this money at a later stage to buy land along the SA coastline to be managed for conservation.

On 2 Nov 2017 I plan to return to South Africa where I plan to discuss posibilities with people in SA and make clear realistic plans for what we can achieve to take these plans further.

If the registration of the charity is succcessful and all is in order we plan to hold a charity evening at the Tredrea at the beginning of the summer season 2018 where I will do a presentation on the conservation work I have been doing and plans for the future. At this event the painting raffle draw will take place.

If we are unable to achieve our objectives all money raised will be given to a respectable organisation doing similar work.

At this stage plans for the charity are looking promising and there has been an enthusiastic response from people wishing to help.

More info: Conservation blog and the Marine wilderness page.