Surf School - Muizenberg/Kommetjie - June 2010 - Days 1&2

Photos by Lisa Harrison, Allison Coetzee, Kim Edwards and Mike Carnegie

Following the Death of much respected big wave surfer Pierre Du Plessis a surf school was held in his honour and arranged by Glenn Bee and other friends from the Kommetjie Christian Church. It had been Pierre's plan to hold a surf school on these dates so it was decided to run the school as he would have liked to see it done. I was asked to help and did the kelp and rock pool lesson as well as helping with the surf lessons. The school was mainly for children but involved about 50 people of all ages and was a great success.  I plan to follow this by doing further work with surf schools.

Day 1 -  Thurs 24 June 2010

On Thursday morning we met at the church in Kommetjie and travelled down to Muizenberg where the surfing began. Glen had arranged with Tich Paul who owns Lifestyle Surfshop to use boards and wetsuits from his shop. Tich generously allowed the use of his equipment free of charge. The weather and surf conditions were excellent.


Lessons began on the beach with a basic lesson on what is involved and practicing how to get from lying down to standing on the board.

Once all had practiced enough the group moved into the sea.

Lessons progressed in the water. One experienced surfer to each beginner.


Some had some previous experience and others were trying for the first time.

Good progress was made by all.

After a few hours once everyone had had enough all returned to the beach, rinsed and handed back equipment and parted ways for lunch.

This car was parked near mine. The owner told me the flowers are growing well and other shoots are appearing amongst them but they don't like to drive faster than about 60 km/h.


Day 2 - Friday 25 June 2010

Day two was misty but conditions were good and we had many people arrive for lessons. Ten boards had been loaned for the morning so it was decided that the girls would use the boards first while the boys did a bit of a work-out.


The standing up process was demonstrated and the girls practiced on the beach to get the basics right before going into the water.


Once in the water all had a good time and as the girls had enough the boards were handed over to the boys.


Those who had been at the beach the day before were able to practice further and some of the girls that were doing well continued with the boys.

Surf conditions were very good for beginners and although it was a bit cold nobody really noticed.

The mist created interesting effects and only cleared around 1 o'clock when all had had enough and were ready to head home.

All had gone well and although there had been some requests for rock pool lessons and kelp painting I had not been sure how to fit this in so after checking the conditions at the rocks I planned to do this on the final day.

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