Surf school - Muizenberg/Kommetjie - June 201O - Day 3

Photos of surf school by Allison Coetzee and Mike Carnegie. Photo of Pierre by Alan Van Gysen.

Day 3 - Sat 26 June   

On the last day the South Easter was blowing. A good crowd of enthusiastic kids and adults were ready to go Many of the surfers who had attended the first 2 days were keen for further training. It was quite cold and there were quite a few young kids and others that did not want to surf so it was decided to do a rock pool lesson for those wishing to keep out the water.


The rocks were a little sheltered from the wind and the sun was good. The tides were spring low so conditions were excellent.

There was a lot of life on the rocks and we found many creatures. I was surprised to see how many anemones there are on these rocks.


Many of the kids were very enthusiastic and found interesting creatures such as this brittle star. There were plenty of spiny starfish and the cushion stars were much larger than at Dalebrook.



Some had some previous experience and others were trying for the first time.There was a big variety in the ages of the kids so I explained the basics and then we went exploring as a group. To connect with the surfing school I explained how important it is as surfers for us to learn about and love nature because if we care for nature nature will care for us. This is a Hawaiian tradition and a practical reality for surfers and sea going people.

At this point we were joined by Gavin fresh out of the surf.


Girl with spiny starfish and Birthday girl with sand mussel shells below.


As the younger kids in the group began wanting to turn back we ended the exploration and headed back to the beach together.  As we reached the beach the surfing group had finished lessons and were leaving the water.


Once all were out the water the boards were returned and we headed back to the church in Kommetjie for the kelp vuvuzela painting exercise and hotdog eating competition.


I didn't talk much about the kelp forests etc before the exercise but briefly explained how this exercise is used as part of an education programme which teaches people about kelp and how important it is for us as surfers to learn about marine life. Then I explained the painting process and the painting began.


All were very enthusiastic and this went well.

Some carried on after the rest and while the multi-coloured horns dried in the sun all gathered for the final event inside.


The hotdog eating competition was something I have never seen before but was a great success and with this riotous event things were brought to an end.


Altogether a great 3 days. Thanks to Glen and Pierre.


Shortly before his death Pierre had visited the Shark Centre and we has spoken briefly about doing conservation education with surfers. When I was asked to help with the surf school I was cautious about how to fit in and contribute without distracting from what had originally been intended. Through the 3 days of the event everything went with a great energy and things unfolded in a very beautiful way which I felt very honoured to be part of.

Following the event Glen presented TIch and me with a framed copy of the group photo below in appreciation of our help. The photo is displayed in my office and as I develop my surfing and wilderness education programme through SOS I hope to take things forward in the same spirit.