Spier Wines Cape Point Outings    Photos by Ken Eaton, Mike carnegie and Deon Jordaan

Spier Wines have supported our KELP project over the past 2 years. Kelp vuvus with the Spier logo are given as gifts to their visitors and customers.

Visitors are taken on outings by Spier and when the KELP factory was at Kommetjie they visited us there for a lesson on the rocks and Kelp painting exercise. The trip at Kommetjie went down well so I arranged to meet two similar groups on their way to Cape Point to do a similar exercise. This was a suitable exercise at the time of the world cup.

These kelp painting sessions are examples where the Kelp lesson was done with adults and in both cases worked out well once they got going although I was a bit nervous about how people would react. In both groups once they began painting they became quite carried away and needed to be stoppedwere done with

Spier group 1 - 16 June 2010

Sheila Berry from the Wilderness Group came along and She and Ken Eaton helped with arranging things for the vuvuzela painting exercise and with photos.

Weather was uncertain and as this was a public holiday I was not able to arrange to use the education centre.
Some took a bit of time to settle in to the idea of the painting exercise and 2 requested a rock pool lesson.

We held the painting session at the tidal pool and fortunately the weather was on our side.

l began by talking a bit about the Kelp project itself.

hen we began the painting. First choose a piece of kelp that sounds well and which you like from the box. Then choose a suitable brush etc. Sheila looks on with interest.


Once all had selected suitable pieces the painting began. As time was short I took those interested in seeing the life in the rock pools down to the shore while the others painted their vuvus. Sheila painted and Ken helped arrange paint etc.


Once all began painting  things went ahead with enthusiasm as usual.

Time was short as the group needed to get to Cape Point for lunch but we completed the painting and lesson on the rocks in about an hour.

All went well. A couple from Scotland prepared vuvus in their countries colours and the Spier group left almost on time and in good spirits to enjoy their lunch.

Spier Group 2 - 28 June 2010

I met a second Spier group of about 7 on 28 June for a Kelp lesson on their way to Cape Point for lunch.


I gave a brief lesson at the rocks about kelp and marine life in the rock pools. Then the group began painting their vuvuzelas.

As usual once people got going with the painting it was difficult to get the exercise done in time.

All went well and the group left in good spirits.

I have enjoyed doing this exercise with adults. I have done this with SANParks workers, coastal workers and a group of 60 educators at the Marine Coastal Educators Network conference among other adult groups.

I have received a positive response and have also approached rehab centres to do the exercise as part of their rehab programmes. Response has been good and so I hope this will lead to further progress and development.

Coastal walk from Gifkommetjie to Platboom

I wanted to take Sheila and Ken on the walk. We had to sit in the car for a while as it began raining. Once it looked like the rain was clearing we decided to do the walk. We parked at Gifkommetjie and began our way down.

Scenery at the start was quite beautiful. Clean after the rain

The scene below has made a good painting and game was plentiful along the walk.
We also saw 2 ostrich and about 6 bontebok.

Birds were plentiful and we saw the fresh prints of a cape clawless otter. We also saw a mongoose rush past

A bit of a hurry back to get out the gate in time but an impressive view of the Cape of Good Hope and from the lookout post at Gifkommetjie as we headed home.